Coaching is

a partnership between client and coach. The coach agrees to help the client, using their knowledge, skills and experiences. The client agrees to dedicate themselves to their own personal development and growth. From that partnership comes success and, to my excitement, massive empowerment to yet another individual!

Full Moon

The Moon

The Addapea Life Coaching Program is centered around the Moon's cycles.

The New Moon is your clean slate to start your journey and set your intentions for your divine path and your following month.

The First Quarter is the time to check in with yourself. This is where your health points are important to carry through the rest of your journey.

The Full Moon is great for celebrating your accomplishments (and failures) and cleansing your palette for another new start.

The Last Quarter is finalizing your cycle, freeing your mind and cleansing your space from the last 28 days. Now, you rest and reflect on what you have learned.

How it Works
Humans are all powerful beings, but many of us do not recognize our powers or potential. 
I can help you connect with your spirituality, understand your capabilities and fuel your fire. 

I will guide you through the path of creation, where you can design your life and live it too!

Through different methods specifically tailored to you, you will begin to Co Create with the Universe.
Coaching requires dedication and a serious desire for self improvement. Being consistent in the work that you put into yourself is how you get the results you want. 

If you are ready to commit to and take responsibility for your outcome, you are ready to start designing your dream life.
Additional Services
Energetic Field Rejuvenation
Individual or Group Sessions using Reiki, Meditation and other specialized techniques

Physical, Mental and Spiritual Alignment
A Holistic and Traditional Medicinal approach to whole centeredness
Including Reflective Subconscious Meditation

Creative Self Work Spaces
Producing Events, Workshops and Private Spaces for Personal Empowerment


I am excited to learn more about what brought you here today

The Universe works in mysterious ways, and the connections we make help us grow into our future powerful selves!

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