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All Encompassing

Holistic Life Coaching

Guiding you to empowerment in all areas of your life including

Money, Relationships, Career, Mental, Physical and Spiritual Health. 

Energy Healing

Body ~ Mind ~ Spirit Rejuvenation

Ritual Creation

Offering reiki energy healing and chakra rebalancing sessions,

Creating communal connections through events and programs

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Based on the Moon

The Addapea Life Coaching Program is centered around the Moon's cycles


Addapea hosts regular moon circle events and private rituals for spiritual reconnection to the universe

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What is Addapea Coaching?

Addapea was originally created to empower others to make sustainable life and business choices. After diving in to the holistic realm of healing and self-awareness, Addapea Coaching was created. 

Addapea Coaching reconnects you to your soul's purpose by

Aligning Thoughts, Habits, and Actions

Empowering You to Accept Your True Self and Recognize Your Potential

Providing Spiritual Guidance to Open the Doors of Possibility

A number of different techniques are used in the coaching and healing practices. Some are

Guided Meditation         Breath Work         Sound Baths

Aromatherapy         Grounding         Crystals

Aura & Chakra Work         Subconscious Imprinting Therapy

Yoga Child's Pose

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