Alannah Dean

Alannah is the creator of Addapea. 

She is a certified Event Manager, studied project/conflict management, holistic life coaching and healing practices, and continues her education with open curiosity.

Alannah started Addapea to link together a community of unique, passionate individuals who have an interest to advocate for the protection of the Earth's natural wonders and all of the creatures who rely on it for life.


Enlighten, Empower

Alannah wants to empower as many people as possible to start living the life of their dreams and to step onto the path of their own personal enlightenment!

Advocate and Educate

She wants to use her connections to help advocate for the environment and educate the community on how to get involved doing their part in preserving our planet.

Addapea's Mission

Create experiences empowering local businesses or entrepreneurs to succeed in their passionate endeavors




Publicly support and advocate for what has no voice - the non renewable sources of life that create a diverse habitat for us all to live.

Addapea offers a number of services and is currently located in Edmonton, Alberta. 

Hours of administration are 0900 - 1600 Monday thru Saturday. 

We'd love to connect with you!

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